FAQ during COVID 19 period

Payworld remains operational during this difficult period of the corona-crisis and the restrictions imposed by the Government.

We want to ensure an optimal standard of service as payworld has been listed as an essential service to the vital services of the Nation and the needs of it’s citizen’s according to the ministerial act of March 18th 2020.

Together with our partners and clients we strive to maintain the best service possible during this period in order to keep the financial systems to process payments up and running.

Due to the regulations imposed by the Government our staff is working from home and our central office remains closed. Our technical staff has been informed about all necessary guidelines and protocols regarding hygiëne and social distancing. Please support your and our safety!

Therefore we ask you kindly to follow the guidelines of the Government and in order not to endanger our staff : maintain a physical distance of at least 1.5meter. Please keep communications short and to a strict minimum.

Please contact 02 403 05 61 or info@payworld.be

Please clearly state your name, telephone number and possible merchant ID and clearly describe your problem if you are forwarded to an answering machine.

During this period all technical interventions will be evaluated and ranked on a priority-scale.

As our services are crucial for merchants to receive payments our staff is available for urgent interventions. In certain cases we will prefer to send a terminal by bpost mail.

Use a damp cloth or wipe with isopropyl-alcohol or methanol.

If you do not have any alcohol available you can always use a solution of 1liter water and one spoon of bleach and gently use this to clean your payment terminal. Please ensure that no water can infiltrate the technical area of the terminal. A damp cloth should be enough and is safe.

Give extra care to the pinpad area of your payment terminal.

In any case do NOT USE ANY liquids that can damage the terminal like white spirit or any acids.

Most fixed terminals can be extended with an additional pinpad.

Please contact us on 02 403 05 61 or info@payworld.be for more information.

We can provide your with an additional mobile payment terminal.

Please use our configurator on www.payworld.be to make your selection or contact us on 02 403 05 61 or info@payworld.be

Unfortunately, if you have a fixed payment device that is connected with an internet-cable this is not possible. If you would like to use a mobile solution please contact us on 02 403 05 61 or info@payworld.be

However, if you have a mobile payment device connected to WIFI then your access range is restricted to your wifi-network. Most mobile terminals are easily fitted with an additional sim-card that allows connection through Belgium’s mobile network. An additional sim-card can be rented for 8.25€ per month and can be easily installed by yourself. The sim-card can be shipped by bpost mail. A minimal rental period of 3 months is obligatory.

In case of minimal requirements for mobile payments you could opt to set up your own WIFI hotspot on your mobile phone and have your payment device connect to your mobile network.

Please contact us on 02 403 05 61 or info@payworld.be for more information.

While your terminal uses very little power you can switch it off. Before you do so, we strongly advise you to finalise all transactions by selecting daily closure button on your payment device. This ensures that all transactions are properly sent to our servers.

Please contact us on 02 403 05 61 or info@payworld.be if you are in doubt of the procedure to follow.


If you have any other questions or require support, please do not hesitate to contact us on 02 403 05 61 or info@payworld.be