Health Care Industry

Moving patients from 'no-pay to I'll pay'
Less time spent on your accounts,
more time for your patients!

Payment terminal for medical practices

Patients expect to also be able to pay electronically for their medical consultations in your practice. This is in fact good news for you as a doctor or for any other specialist! Because with electronic payments via a payment terminal, every transaction takes place smoothly, securely and above all hygienic.

The benefits of a Payworld payment terminal

Be Safe

Patients can pay everywhere/anytime with our FIX and MOBILE terminals. Accepting no/less cash is more convenient for your patient and increases your personal security! Welcome in a SAFE and CASHLESS world with Payworld.


Sharing a payment terminal between several doctors is easy by using unique patient references. With our online reporting tool and thanks to the references, it’s easy to assign payments to doctors/patients.

e-ID reader

Each payment terminal for the Health Care Sector comes with an integrated ID card reader.
This makes it easy to link a payment to a patient and helps you to meet all government standards.

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