Visa Debit
Now available on your payment terminal.

In a world that is constantly changing, you better stay informed about the different payment methods. Payworld would therefore like to inform you about Visa Debit.
As electronic payments set the new standard today, many consumers prefer a debit card where the amount of the purchase goes directly from the current account.
In that context, Visa Debit, the latest debit card (contact(less) with Bancontact), will hit the Belgian market just in time!

Why ?

Visa Debit is new in our country and more than 4 million Visa Debit cards will be issued by Belgian banks this year. This payment card is accepted by merchants worldwide (70 million) and also in Belgium.

This card offers many advantages for both you and your customers:

  • Paying for purchases: online, contact (less) or mobile
  • Additional payment method in addition to the Visa credit card
  • Fast and easy transactions via eWallets from Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Automatic activation on your payment terminal, because you already accept Visa (credit)

By accepting the new Visa Debit, you evolve with the times and already meet the ever-increasing expectations of tomorrow's customer today.

Your payment terminal is now ready to accept Visa Debit!

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